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As a leading provider of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) 504, regulatory compliance for facilities, architecture and mechanics, we take pride in offering the best government based consultant services for the tri-state (Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia) areas. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

As former Acting Chief, Office for Disabilities Affairs, Government of the District of Columbia, this office had the lead responsibility for establishing the ADA program at all lead agencies city wide. When Bill Clinton was elected, Bruce Williams was in charge of ADA compliance of the viewing stand in front of white house to provide accessibility for physically impared individuals. In addition we provided site surveys and investigations of complaints to achieve ADA 504 compliance.

To further the recognition of Public Law 101-336, Americans with Disabilities Act, established July 26, 1992, ADA 504 compliance training seminars were given to enhance understanding and awareness of the importance of achieving compliance.

The above has been ongoing for 20 years providing hands-on experience with site surveys, evaluations and work plans to ascertain ADA compliance for the health and safety of individuals with disabilities covering equal employment, public accommodations within both residential and commercial facilities as well as accommodations for the hearing impaired individuals.